1.1 Acres Flat Screen

eyebeam, 2003
-video projection (of desert still) with integrated flat screen, showing:
“1.1 Acres Flat Screen”, 45 min, single channel video
- wall collage connecting maps, tools, found objects, pencil drawings, relicts, presents, photographs and equipment in accordance with the timeline of events
On Nov. 13th 2003 the auctioneer Ronald Caspert auctioned off five “warm up” items (tape measure, horse skull, railroad spikes, two suits worn at Train Stop Inn and a Levi Strauss Stetson hat), followed by the main item. The starting bid for “1.1 Acres of land in Utah” was $25. The lot was sold for $500.
photos of auction: Sabine Heinlein
watch 1.1 Acre Flat Screen here>>>>