It has been a journey for which there is no equal.
The ship was steadily moving forward without advancing.
Her grand tea room was open daily.

This was the schedule:

12pm    – the doors open
12-2pm - the janitor cleans the tea room, prepares the sandwiches and starts boiling water
2pm      – captain’s announcement from the bridge – updating passengers on the ship’s location, the weather and onboard activities
2-5pm   – Tea Time. The janitor switches uniforms and turns into a waitress. If they wish, passengers will be served a complimentary sandwich, a biscuit and a cup of tea while piano music is playing in the background
5-6pm – Piano music stops. The waitress switches uniforms and turns back into the janitor again. Cleans the dishes.
6 pm –    the doors to the tea room are closing


cleaning the floor




life vest drill
September 25 - November 21, 2011
8 week long performance
Smack Mellon Gallery