published by Art in General, 2008

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The book includes an introductory text by curator Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy about International Airport Montello (IAM), an art project by the artist collective known as eteam and citizens of Montello, Nevada.

The project included the purchase of various hectares of land through, and the construction of an airport around a nearby abandoned airstrip neighboring the town of Montello, Nevada. Citizens of Montello collaborated with eteam for years in the making of this airport, commissioned by Art in General.

The book includes an essay about this unconventional art project by Cecilia Alemani; a travelogue by an audience member turned participant of the project, Jason Dean, who was worked at the IAM as a Layover Support Crewmember; and excerpts from IAM's wiki-website. The book also includes two illustrated stories, one of the airport itself, and another about a popular layover (i.e. an art happening) at IAM, both narrated by eteam. The book has a forward by Anne J. Barlow, executive director of Art in General, who introduces Art in General and the New Commissions Program.

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International Airport Montello