THE CRUISE, narrated by Maja Sweeny, is partially based on the diaries of the character she became during those eight weeks on an imaginary cruise liner.

Support for this project was provided, in part, through an Individual Artists Distribution Regrant of NYSCA Electronic Media and Film administered by free103point9,
Smack Mellon, Brooklyn and a production residency at EMPAC, Troy

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ISBN: 978-1-62462-046-1

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" A meandering voyage through a vigilant 21st-century consciousness, a data-drenched and Google-savvy mind—topic after topic is broached and then left behind like water in a ship’s wake."
----- Sabine Russ, bombmagazine

Embedded in each of the 50 notesbooks is the audio track for a film called "The Cruise". The soundtrack is 200 minutes long and divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter is about 34 minutes long. People who have watched "The Cruise" are encouraged to pass on the notebook and the player to the next person, in order to keep the piece in motion.

listen to an excerpt here