“100 Meters Behind the Future” is a live film that is being shot, acted, directed, edited, screened, watched and deleted in real time. It’s a film about delay, the expansion of cinema and the paranoia that creeps in when the mash-up of several time zones and realities escapes the logical explanations of the captive audience.
The screening room is the front row of a van in which one or two people are being driven around while following the action in double view - through the windshield of the car and the screen of the device they hold in their hands.
The project was part of the “For Real” Program at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, January 2012. Read more about the program here:

>>> In November 2013 we performed this piece in Dallas. Look at some pictures and read the report of the driver here

>>>> The documentation of "100m behind the future" and a commentary by Inge De Leeuw is part of the ASPECT compilation: The Cinematic



100 meters behind the future