In 2012 we were invited to do develop a project for an exhibition called:
Free Enterprise - The Art of Citizen Space Exploration

We proposed to buy extraterrestrial real estate, but when we investigated this option further, we realized that we would have a hard time to get physical access to our property. The last manned trip to the Moon was the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, and Mars ... it's gotten closer to our attention but it's still pretty far away to visit.
Without having physical access to a place one can never dig a hole. Since digging a hole is one of the most essential things humans should be able to do as long as they live and die as beings with a body, we searched for places in space that would provide this option. That's how we stumbled across Moon and Mars in Pennsylvania.


When we visited the townships named Moon and Mars we couldn't shake off the feeling that these places were simulations - full scale models created to test life beyond the earthly limits. The evidence we collected to support this idea, are filed in two reports: one is a 33 min. long video, called "The backup tapes from Moon and Mars" and the other is a slim pocket book, called: "Buzz Cut".



Moon and Mars