In 2004 we had purchased 10 Acres of land on ebay, located in the North Eastern Part of Nevada. When we got there and mapped out our plot, we realized that a road was going right through it's middle. Our only neighbor in sight, who used the road about once a week told us that the land had recently been re-surveyed and that the location of all the properties in the area had shifted about 60 feet. We did not mind the shifting of properties, we didn't mind our neighbor, but what we did not like was a road crossing our lot in the middle.

We thought of different strategies to get rid of the road. Building a fence, putting up boulders, camouflage, planting trees and bushes, building an overpass, hiring a guard, installing a surveilance camera, collecting a the end we decided the easiest would be to use the road's purpose to eliminate it's function. Instead of stopping traffic, we would create so much, that traffic would block itself.

Montello, the closest settlement, a town with about 65 inhabitants, was about 10 miles away. We contacted Henry J., who ran the food chapel in town at the time, and he spread the word...

listen to Henry J's acount of the event here and click through the accompanying slide show prepared by Nevada Red here