In Empty Offer we projected an 9ft high x 21ft wide (3 m x 7 m) image of the desert on the wall. It was a piece of land we had bought on ebay in September 2002.
On certain days during the show people were able to become part of the landscape's memory. Self- illuminated by a flashlight belt and a hat, the first visitor could pose in front of the empty projection and we took a digital image of the scenery. After about 3 minutes this new image was projected on the wall and thereby became the new ground for the next visitor, who had to arrange himself with his predecessor(s). Through this process two things happened: the land got more and more inhabited while at the same time, through the nature of digital- pixel-projection photography the “older”, copied visitors, as well as the original landscape became distorted and started to fade away. On the days, we didn’t offer access to the land, the emergence and disappearance of over 90 visitors, who had entered the desert from either Brooklyn, Leipzig or Vienna, could be watched in a slow fading loop, accompanied by a desert sound collage.
Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2003
Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany, 2003
Mumok, Vienna, Austria, 2004