free show



Kirby Gookin is an art historian, critic, curator and public artist. He is also a writer and a professor. And a scientist. And he collects art. He is married to Robin Kahn, an artist with whom he collaborates frequently. They have two children: Beckett and Zora.

Kirby's private office is located right on the corner of Weeehawken and West 10th Street in NYC on the ground level. For the space Kirby and Robin had planned a series called :::: free show :::: for the fall of 2007 and invited us to do something. We opened one of the office windows and placed a set of steps on the street in front of it.

During the day of October 27, 2007 about 30 people climbed through the window. Once they entered we handed them a four page document titled "Checklist of Artwork". (see below)


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