The show, "To Market To Market," dealt with ideas which explored the individual marketing strategies of artists.
The E-Team was invited to present the persona of video artist, Michael Smith, and to sell his videos. Because the selling of Mike's products in the gallery directly seemed less effective, we decided to market his persona with a more indirect approach - as the sponsor of the VIDEOCLUB.

!!! VIDEOCLUB - come and see your favorite movie on a huge TV screen !!!

In a separate room within the gallery, we installed a comfortable sofa, low iights, and a large screen 64" TV. For the duration of the 5 week show, we showed blockbuster movies such as Beat Street, Terminator 2, The Wizard of Oz, Casino, and Mission Impossible twice daily. Each day a new movie played and every screening began with a different 30-60 second commercial of Mike Smith inviting visitors to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie!" In collaboration with Mike Smith, we had produced these clips, introducing him as the sponsor.

Since the events of September 11, 2001 changed the context of the show, all movies were played in silence.




Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, September/ October 2001, in collaboration with Daniel Seiple and Michael Smith