artificial traffic jam, 2005

10x1 started off with the same premise as "1.1 Acre Flat Screen" - a winning bid for a real estate auction on ebay (“10 acres, high bid wins”). We were wondering: Is bigger better? Does it matter in the desert - 1 Acre or 10? Through the winning bid and its consequences and the advancement of time and technology, we were already navigating through larger images, higher bills and less legal property information.

Trusting the regenerating power of the desert, we conducted experiments with scale and proportion, position and growth. Using a similar approach as for the last piece our 10 Acre lot became a reality background and a testing base for our virtual and conceptual explorations.

Here is a timeline of how we moved forward (without advancing)

Below are some investigations, considerations and their consequences that resulted from the ownership of this lot:

Artificial Traffic Jam, 2005, single channel video, 5 min.
The Paradox of the 10 Acre Square, 2006, single channel video, 50 min.
International Aiport Montello, 2007, three channel video, 27min
IAM - wiki website , 2005-2010
Truth in Transit, 2008, single channel video, 50 min
10 x 1
2004 - 2010