4096 sqm in SL, avatars, decay script, decay script dispensers, unaccounted amount of trash objects, data log
the project was developed in collaboration with avatars Relder Waco, Whooter Walworth, Dunn Bing and others

commissioned by RHIZOME

for a detailed report, of how the dumpster became the dumpster read the dumpster log H E R E

In Second Life each avatar has a trash folder. Items, that get deleted end up in that folder by default.
The trash folder has to get emptied as often as possible, otherwise the avatars performance might diminish.
But, where do deleted things end up? What are those things? And, would avatars care to throw their trash into
dumpsters instead of just hitting the "delete" button? To find out we bought 4096 sq.m. of land in Second Life
on Nov.5, 2007 and started a public plein-air dumpster.

Sketch I for Second Life Dumpster

Sketch II for Second Life Dumpster

We actively operated the SL Dumpster for one year in Second Life. During that time we kept a daily log of what was going on,
the problems (prim limit) we ran tinto, the solutions (decay script) we came up with, the avatars we met, (Dunn Bing,
Relder Waco, Whooter Walworth and many more) and documented the kind of trash that was thrown out, (Entertainment Center,
Gift Box, soft cock, Linden Dollar, popcorn, horse head, black sexy dancer outfit, rolled up newspaper, Obama Hope Poster, etc.)

You can read the dumpster log here

From time to time the Second Life dumpster materializes in First Life in form of random trash heaps reminding
us that objects and lives in worlds that copy each other are often just versions and ways to search for lost originals.
To see pictures and read the reports of the respective dump managers click here .

[12:50] eteam: mmhh, I am just trying to figure out what this whole world is about
[12:50] Rolando Ember: i noticed :)
[12:50] eteam: and on what level it operates. I get stuck a lot and in the end it's just a relief that I can clean up this dump in order to make space for new stuff. How do you spend most of your time?
[12:52] Rolando Ember: either at my military base or exploring. I don't take this seriously at all. How about you?
[12:53] eteam: I sort through trash and attach the decay script to objects
[12:54] Rolando Ember: is this all you do on here?
[12:54] eteam: what?
[12:54] Rolando Ember: tend to the dumpster
[12:54] eteam: yes, mostly. sometimes I go to freebie places and get some more trash
[12:55] Rolando Ember: what's the fascination with trash?
[12:55] eteam: that it does not look like trash. that it always looks brand new, never looks used or worn-out. that's why I asked you earlier how you decide what's trash and what not. I can not get over that...
[12:56] Rolando Ember: why can you not get over it? It's really not that deep.

excerpt from conversation with a stranger named Rolando Ember - read the whole conversation here