1.1 Acre Flat Screen, 2002-2004
step 4: improvement

1.1 Acre Flat Screen
consisted of 5 steps

1. Purchase of the Land
2.Finding the Land
3. Temporary Use
4. Improvement
5. Reselling

After August 2003, the eteam concentrated on the lot’s improvement. Our plan was, to create a train stop, which would enhance the lot’s infrastructure and therefore the value of the land. To demonstrate the possible reality of this plan, a passing by train had to stop a least once in front of the land. We opened a Train Stop Inn, which provided ice cool drinks and snacks for the train operators and waited. Trains traveling between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City passed in irregular intervals - between 3 to 5 per day. Temperatures ranged between 90 and 120F. We kept waiting, tried out different outfits to draw attention, started rubbing the train tracks, until a train stopped and the possibility of a permanent train stop turned into a reality.